Welcome to the virtual launch of Cultivate Sponsorship! These challenging times prevent us from launching in person, but they don’t stop our agile small business from launching virtually. We’re grateful you are taking the time to find out more about us.

In light of the current global challenges, keeping your people engaged and connected to your business is more important than ever, as we all adjust to new ways of working. As a tech-based solution Cultivate is a sponsorship program that helps you build gender equality readiness amongst leaders while retaining and progressing women in your company.

Cultivate provides employees who are working remotely with the tools to connect with their sponsor partner and stay focused on their longer term aspirations. Continuing to take action today will reward us tomorrow. One day this crisis will pass and we want to make sure your team is ready to lead into the future.

We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about Cultivate Sponsorship and the people behind it by watching the video below.

Hope to catch up in the not too distant future!

Who We Are

Katriina Tahka

Cultivate Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Katriina brings to her work a unique breadth and depth of experience from 20 years of practice in law, financial services and HR.

Dr. Natalie Galea

Cultivate Gender Equality Expert

Dr. Natalie Galea is a researcher and thought leader in the area of gender equality in male dominated sectors.

What is Cultivate?

Cultivate Sponsorship has the power to change your company culture.

100% of past participants said they will pay it forward and sponsor others in their company.

Cultivate – The Program

Cultivate Sponsorship brings
motivation and connection within your business

Top 5 outcomes for participants:

Broadened support network

Understanding the need to embed sponsorship in their company

Felt that their company was invested in their career development

Felt valued by their company

They have become more focused on retaining talent at their company

Cultivate is a tech-based learning and development program that gives your people the tools to connect and stay focused on longer-term aspirations.

As companies settle into working differently, whether that be work from home, in split shifts or different hours keeping your people engaged and connected to your business remains as important as ever. Every company is dealing with a lot of disruption right now and when the time is right to settle into a new normal we’ll be here to support you get up and running.

Cultivate is an investment in the future – the future of your talent, gender equality and business growth. We are committed to working together with you to create lasting positive change in Australian workplaces.

Thank you for following us and watching our video, we’re excited to celebrate the official launch of Cultivate Sponsorship with you! Stayed tuned for more stories and insights about Cultivate Sponsorship.

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